My friend
is a hippie
he's very
into tripping
cute and witty
he's handsome
and was
once pretty
like me
he's learning
to be
less shitty
and see others
less critically
though they
don't make
it easy
he's deep
likes to think
of the finer things
the matters of being
that's why
he doesn't
eat meat
he likes spicy
dips and chips
fiery food
fit to fry
the likes of my
he lives
in peace
at the side
of a mount
a view he uses
to account
for what amounts
to the richness
of existence
his resistance
in the way
he lives
and to whom
he gives
he's rich
in every sense
and his
 wealth of
insight and experience
he lends to
any friend
he's a great
and a good man
and it is
with him
I make
my freaky stand
for he understands
and commands
influence for
including guiding us
to music
he's proven
time and again
to intuit
and prove it
insightful when lit
he's never full of it
unless he's trying
to play a trick
to wit
with his
Coyote Magick
he's talented
at acting legit
deliveries that
make me believe
Brando lives
he's spirited
and still plays
like a kid
cute mischief
he's a bridge
for the gap
that exists
between man
and spirit
he is
a privilege
to know