Weird Weather

Watching the sun
wend its way
toward the end
of a wondrous day
I was waiting
for a red-hued sunset
when suddenly
I was bathed in
a light intense
golden superradiance
the kind of scene
I’d never seen
before or since
It held time
lent my spirit
a sentiment
of the sacred
weird weather
I thought
as my awareness
was wrenched away
from this dreamy
state of bliss
A whispering wind
was leaving
the tree’s leaves
with a hiss
the storm’s intense … sity
and I
turning toward it
was greeted
By the reflection
of sunlight streaming
with storm careening
leaving a fleeting
but breathtaking display
arching high
over head
A rainbow
brilliant with
radiant promise
My mind
sought words
for what it all meant
this moment
deeply felt
heaven sent
And suddenly, the quality of the light changed and the whole world was bathed in a golden hue.  I turned around and faced the breeze that had begun to gust to find a remarkable rainbow had formed over the hillside just up from my home.